Bhind The Scenes

In the brief annuals of the cybermodel phenomenon, Shannon Marie Codner( aka Katwoman ) stands alone: a 20's something, tall, lanky, blonde, blue/green-eyed, 34D-22-36 computer geek.

It was either her good fortune to be blessed with beauty, brains and a penchant for HTML -- or her cross to bear, since it's difficult to be a full-time nerd when you're winning every bikini contest in sight. To say nothing of the challenge of hooking a pocket protector to a spandex spaghetti strap.

If the cybermodel phenomenon obeys any rules, it's that the homegrown, natural look is in - and the artifice of Madison Avenue is out. Yet as her growing portfolio illustrates, she can don a dizzying array of looks: from Cosmo girl to biker chick, Paris sophisticate to pouty California bikini babe, wide-eyed girl-next-door to fun-loving big sister. Nowhere in her repertoire is there any clue that she's a computer nerd at heart.

"I'm a computer nerd trapped in a model's body," Shannon says.

Away from the strobe lights, Shannon turns out to be a very down-to-earth country girl, the real-life big sister to three brothers, all of whom grew up in a small town in Ohio before moving to Ventura County, California. In high school, she was everywhere - in the art club, running long distance for the track team- yet managed to pull down a perfect 4.0 GPA in high school and college. A serious history buff who admits spending weekends buried in one text or another, she shared assistant editor-in-chief duties on the school yearbook, then saw the fruits of her labors win top honors in a worldwide yearbook competition.

While describing herself "Heinz 57", with Native American, French Canadian, German, Greek and Scottish roots, Shannon's Shawnee and Cherokee background remains the source of her greatest pride. As a sophomore, she was named Indian Student Of The Year, and tries to stay active in the California Indian Education Program when time permits.

Now when she's not in front a camera or any of the turbocharged PCs, Shannon can generally be found hanging out at home . She's a nut for classic movies, cooking, and devours autobiographies. She's partial to reggae music, Mexican food with a kick, the LA Lakers, and Discovery Channel documentaries. A few years from now, expect this leggy beauty to be on her way to having her own clothing line... and, perhaps, that coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Shannon's online portfolio can be accessed at . Or, she can be contacted via e-mail at .

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