Bhind The Scenes
In Twilight's Shadow Felissa Liquid Filmworks
Platinum Illusions Raquel Suspect Entertainment
Screw Cupid Connie Screw Cupid Productions
Chiseled Kirsten 1252 Films
Ralphie Bag Lady Nicholas Miello Productions
Color of the Day Leslie (Lead) Escape Films
Drive Daisy Mae (Co-star) Hurricane Films
Antix Presents Self (Lead) Antix, Inc.
Soul Stripper Viki Troma Films
The Beatniks (Sundance FF) Supporting - - -
The Gift (Sundance FF) Bikini Babe Wynhorse Entertain.
Perfect Fit Beautiful Girl Persik Prod. Inc.
Final Voyage Hostage - - -
Body Double/Stand-In
Grinch Music Video Faith Hill Universal Pictures
On Edge Mildred (Wendie Malick) - - -
Rock of Love: Brett Michaels Self - Featured 51Minds Entertainment
Damon Wayans' The Underground Featured Dancer (Various Episodes) Showtime Networks
Gene Simmons Family Jewels Self - Featured A&E Television Networks
Models, Motors & Music Host (Ongoing) RicRew Productions
The Rock & Roll Musical Circus Co-Host Fat Cat Entertainment
Musical Cafe Guest Co-Host (x2) Girl Man Media
The Maury Show Featured Guest Universal Talk Television
Fernando Y Llegar Video Featured as his girlfriend Silver Culture, LLC
The Jenny Jones Show Featured Guest/ Grand Prize Model Winner Warner Bros.
Rock Across America Supporting MTV Networks, Inc (VH-1)
No Authority Music Video Featured as Ursela  
Lucy Pearl Music Video Club Dancer  
Blind Justice Lexus Justice (Lead) Stone Fox Productions
The X-Show Guest Featured (Self) Because He Can, Prod.
Ripley's Believe It... Or Not! Human Hair Bikini Model Woodridge Prod., Inc.
WCW Monday Nitro Candi- Sexy Sorority Girl Turner Network Television
My Back Yard Candi Stone Fox Productions
Model Photography & You Guest Feature (Self) MediaOne
Coca Cola Supporting Bird & Hen Productions
NBA Lockout Supporting Turner Network Television
The Columbia Chronicle (March '07) - Featured in Geeks Gone Wild article
Jane Magazine (TBA Fall of '06) Featured Pictorial & Interview
Twentity Magazine (Jan. '05) Featured Interview
Street Low Magazine (TBA) Featured Layout:
San Francisco Socialite Magazine (Jan./Mar. '01) editorial for North Beach Leather Several Full Page Photos
Antix Prototype Magazine (TBA)
Comedy Entertainment Magazine (Mar. '01)
Focus Magazine (Aug. '00) Cover Shot
Cabana West (TBA-Early 2000) Featured Pictorial & Interview
The Archive News (December '99) Featured Interview
Rouze (December '99) Featured Pictorial & Interview
Rangefinder Magazine (November '99) Photo Featured in Article
Signs of Success Newsletter (May '99) Featured Interview
Wave Circuit Magazine (Jan./Feb. '99) Featured
Mustangworld Magazine (Jan.'99 & throughout '98) Featured Pin-up Babe
Vibe Magazine (Dec. '98/Jan. '99) Van's Shoes Ad Campaign
MOHOC Magazine (December '98) Featured Cover Story -Copy & Photos
Paper Magazine (Nov. '98) Van's Shoes Ad Campaign
Yack Shack Magazine (October '98) Featured Story -Copy & Photos
Axcess Magazine (July '98) Featured Editorial Story -Copy & Photos
Bikini Magazine (June '98) Featured Editorial Story -Copy & Photo
Glamour Photography Magazine (Nov. '98) Featured Editorial Story -Copy & Photos
Websites Featured on (Short List)
West Coast Choppers (2004-2005)
Antix Featured Interview/Pictorial (2000)
Rock-Is-Dead (TBA) Featured Article
The Nine (Aug. '98) -Featured Model of the Month
The Beauty Chop (Aug.'98) -Featured Model of the Month & Exclusive Interview
Desireland's Women of Desire (Aug. '98) -Featured Model of the Month & Interview
Inland Empire/Comcast Online (Feb. 5&6 '99) Featured Frontpage Story
Album Cover
Sleeve 'Cellophane Persona' (cover & within, t-shirt & poster)
Ad Campaign's
BMW (Print Work) '01-'02
e-Bike (ala Lea Iacoca) Brochure (2000)
Rouze Media '99-'00 Various
Starz Sportswear/Dancewear (1999) -Featured in local newspapers/magazines
Van's Shoes (Nov. '98- Jan. '99) -Featured in 'Vibe' & 'Paper' Magazines
AssaultWear Clothing Co. (mid '98 to 2000) -Featured in magazine ads
Westec 2000 (Mar. '00) -Equipp.Com Booth (spokesmodel)
Computer Telephony Expo (Mar. '00) -Tornado Development Booth (spokesmodel)
ASR Trade Expo (Feb. '99) -Smack Sportswear Booth (spokesmodel)
Guest Appearances
Sport's Swami - Featured Celebrity Guest Interview (Oct. '04)
KSEX Radio - Featured Celebrity Guest Interview (Oct. '04)
Playboy XM - Featured Celebrity Guest Co-Host on air (Sept. 04)
AdultCon -October 2004 - Celebrity Autograph Signing
Marietta, OH Celebrity Golf Tournament & Autograph Signing (Apr '03)
Blackwatch Pub (Feb. '99) -Guest Emcee for Sleeve cd release party
2003 National cougar Car Club Calendar (Centerfold)
2002 National Cougar Car Club Calendar (September)
2001 National Cougar Car Club Calendar (Cover & Featured Pin-up)
1999 John Rettie Glamour Babes (Featured Twice)
Your Modeling Career (Deborah Press) Allworth Publishing - Featured Interview & Photo
Own comic book called Barelee Human (present)
Bench Warmer Trading Card #221 Released 12/24/02- present
Featured on own line of collector trading cards and mousepad
Featured in own line of virtual postcards (April '98 to 2002)
Member of the Extreme Bikini Team (April '98 to 2000)
Featured in own storefront for Body Glove, Budweiser, Red Dog & Shirley of Hollywood merchandise (throughout '97 & '98)
Two self-published fan zines (one online & one hard copy)
1st place winner in a score (35+) of modeling/bikini contests
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